Medical Billing


Your time is valuable. Too valuable to be spending it navigating complicated billing and accounting issues or hacking through mountains of red tape. We take care of everything you need to ensure that you get every penny you earn, and that your practice runs as efficiently as possible. And we do it all with total transparency so you never doubt your decision to trust your business to us.

Revenue Cycle Management
Consistent Cash Flow

Is the revenue cycle at your practice like a saw blade—up and down repeatedly over the course of a month or quarter? Our proven processes and commitment to short lag times between procedure and billing dates takes the uncertainty out of your revenue stream by providing consistency. And with us, your practice revenue cycle is never subject to volatility caused by in-house vacation schedules or other personnel issues. You’ll appreciate the difference!

  • All claims filed daily

  • To ensure efficiency and timeliness, we file all of our claims electronically

    • Some payors require the claims clearinghouse to convert claims to paper for filing purposes

Accounts Receivable Management
Keeping Up With Your Money


Our cash management workflow is governed by segregated policies and procedures including standard reconciliation processes.  We effectively manage 100% of denied claims to ensure revenue optimization and have proven processes in place that track the aging of accounts and trigger appropriate responses when necessary. We give you the flexibility to choose how your payments are processed (in-house or lock box), and all payments are processed daily. All electronic payments from government and commercial payors can be applied directly to your bank account. We can even set up a patient portal that allows your patients to pay online. It’s your money, we help you get it faster and more efficiently.

  • 100% of denials are effectively  managed based on payor and denial type mix

  • Claims with no response from the payor are re-billed within 45 days for most payors

  • A statement, a pre-collect letter, and a final notice are generated for each claim and sent to the patient to provide them with adequate notice of the status of their account

    • 15 days after a final notice is issued the account is written off to an outside collection agency of your choice

  • Aging and progress of accounts provided in monthly reports

  • All payments processed daily with your choice of

    • Imagine Solutions in-house processing

    • Lock box

    • All payments posted within one business day of receipt

  • Payments from government and commercial payors use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to post them directly to your bank account

  • Patient portal for accepting online payments 24/7

Claim Filing
We Work ALL of Your Claims

For some medical billing companies, just working 80% of claims is good enough. They go after the low-hanging fruit and leave the rest behind. Unfortunately, that other 20% is potential revenue that you’ll never see. We file 100% of your claims as a matter of practice. Rejections are identified and filed. Denials are effectively managed based on payor and denial type mix, identifying and analyzing trends and taking corrective steps – without exception. Your job is to take care of your patients; ours is taking care of your claims.

  • All claims filed daily

  • Our Claims Analysis Department perform payor validation and internal control functions to monitor for deviations in payor patterns, irregularities in payor payment schedules, and other areas

  • All claims—including rejections are filed; all denials are effectively managed by our team

  • To ensure efficiency and timeliness, we file all of our claims electronically

    • Electronic claims are submitted to a number of entities including Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS entities, and our clearinghouse services

Patient Account Services
Taking Care of Your Patients


Because we want your patients’ experiences with every facet of your practice to be as positive as possible, our in-house call center is staffed by professionals with extensive healthcare industry experience. We’re here to answer your patients’ billing questions and to help them work out the details of payment for the services you’ve provided. And we do it all with a friendly tone and empathy that your patients are sure to appreciate.

  • In-house call center with professional representatives

  • Customer service hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm (EST), Monday through Friday


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