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Imagine Solutions does not compete with CPA Firms.

We complement them! 

Did you know that successful CPA firms depend on excellent bookkeeping? When their clients maintain clean books and records, it makes their job easier. It is not only better for their clients, but it allows the CPA to spend more time on activities that are of higher value to the client. Imagine Solutions has worked with CPA’s to design an end-of-year tax support package, which provides their clients’ information in the most efficient manner for completing end of year taxes. In turn, less time is required to do their taxes which results in greater profitability for the CPA and happier clients who benefit from the savings. With less time spent on each client, CPA firms can now service more clients, focusing on higher value and more profitable work. It is a considerable risk when a CPA firm prepares tax returns or offers audit opinions derived from unkempt books, and this is a liability most CPA firms do not wish to take on. For these reasons, many CPA firms would like to offer their clients improved bookkeeping services, but they recognize that they are not optimally configured to offer those services themselves at a cost-effective price.


This is where Imagine Solutions can help. We work with many CPA firms and their clients on either a referral or wholesale basis depending on the firms’ preference. It is our goal to work with our clients in providing neat and clean bookkeeping throughout the year and lead them through the process so that tax returns and audited financials are a simple process, saving our clients money in the end.


To learn more about how Imagine Solutions can help, please contact us today!

Ten ways Imagine Solutions makes

life easier for CPAs


1. Imagine Solutions helps to ease the year-end time constraints by requiring less financial review and adjustments.


2. Imagine Solutions improves your ability to provide tax planning services by offering live data to avoid any hidden transactions.


3. Imagine Solutions makes it easy to find estimated tax payments, as we book them to the appropriate GL accounts, making sure your clients’ estimated taxes are paid on time for the proper amount.


4. Imagine Solutions organizes the Chart of accounts, allowing our staff to quickly provide you with tax- sensitive information instead of you having to request it from the client or uncover yourself (i.e. officer life insurance, S-Corporation shareholder health insurance, officer salaries, etc.).


5. Imagine Solutions takes care of fixed asset and loan amortization accounting on a monthly basis so assets and liabilities are recorded when the events happen, eliminating large year-end adjustments and entries.


6. Imagine Solutions enables quick access to accurate interim financial statements for banks, other lenders, or for regulatory requirements.


7. Imagine Solutions dramatically improves your ability to advise your clients on items such as monthly overhead, break-even, and gross profit because the books will be up-to-date, organized, and accurate.


8. Imagine Solutions eliminates MQFS – Multiple QuickBooks File Syndrome.


9. Imagine Solutions will make sure prior year balance sheets are not changed.


10. You can log into your clients’ QuickBooks files directly through a secure connection to our server at any time without having to request database copies via email or CD. Additionally, you do not have to drive to clients’ offices to work on their QuickBooks files in person, or deal with the IT headaches of trying to obtain remote access to their PCs or servers.



Note: Imagine Solutions does not offer tax preparation or attestation services, nor will we introduce those services.

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