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Case Studies


Some of our case studies include....

Medical Services Company

This client came to us because of a need to factor invoices because their money was taking too long to come in. In the initial factoring consultation it was discovered potential problems with their current billing company. That lead to Imagine giving an analysis of current bookkeeping processes. Upon review of their books we noticed that their previous medical billing company was not submitting all the claims and not following up on outstanding claims. Once hired, Imagine went back and recreated each and every medical claim since the company’s inception and reapplied payments for the previous year and a half. Then we went back and collected more than $45,000 in unbilled claims. This was quite a large project because we had no experience in medical billing. We went and took a class to better understand medical billing and dove in. Today 90% of our billings are paid with in 48 hours of submittal with a less than 2% rejection rate.


Services Provided:

  • Medical Billing

  • Full Charge Bookkeeping

  • Subcontractor Payments 

Digital Marketing Company

This client had their office manager of 10 + years walk out with no notice. With one phone call Imagine was there to pick up the slack. We took over the bookkeeping and payroll services so that the business would continue to operate with no down time due to the changeover. We cleaned up the books and started putting organization and structure into the administrative operations. We found multiple services that had not been billed and were able to help collect for these. When the Operation Manager had to leave for medical reasons, Imagine was able to step in and provide on-site personnel to fill this void while the employee recovers. 



  • Full Charge Bookkeeping for 1 Business and 4 non-profits

  • Human Resources and Payroll Processing

  • On-site Administrative Support

  • Other support services as needed 

Restraunt Owner

At onset with this client he was barely making it from week to week. He had no accounting system in place at the time so he never knew the status of payables or receivables. He had no valid financial information in which to guide his business. Over the course of a year we managed to get his accounting records recreated so we could file previous tax returns and get all of his past due bills caught up. Now the business has money in the bank and knows where their money is going and what it costs to operate. 


Services Provided:

  • Full Charge Bookkeeping for 4 Business entities

  • Full Charge Bookkeeping for 2 non-profit’s 

  • Human Resources and Payroll Processing for 4 Business entities

  • Personal money management for owner

  • Social media management

  • Created paperless archiving systems

  • Set up multiple additional businesses and non-profits

  • Multiple other services provided

Towing / Automotive Repair Shop

This client came to us because over the last few years his business had grown so much, but he did not have any type of administrative and or accounting structure. Imagine was tasked with organizing and setting up all aspects of the internal operations. 


Services / Projects 

  • These projects were for 6 separate business entities 

  • Recreated accurate books for 2014

  • Set up Quickbooks to accurately track income and expenses

  • Created a process for tracking daily services completed

  • Created a process for tracking impounded vehicles

  • Created a paperless system

  • Created a Human Resource department, and set up a hiring process

  • Created a system to pay employees off commissions

  • Created Employee Portal Website

  • Created General Business Website

  • Set up and implement a time clock system for tracking employee time

  • Set up business email accounts

  • Built and Share files / Reports using Google Docs to keep information flowing

  • Cleaned up Sales Tax issues.

  • Set up a system for drivers to be able to take mobile payments

  • Ran daily office business operations for 7 months

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